heinsight2010 finally begins

Having had this idea of a site called “heinsight2010” for many years, even when “2010” the year was still in the distant future, that year having come and gone, I have had many ideas for what that site would hold and I am finally inaugurating it in 2014! Venturing into the world of blogging, as I approach the writing of the book that has been in my head and building, at last, the artist’s studio I have envisioned for many years. Also planning to set forth on at least one “bucket list trip” this year and get to planning ahead for more. 

SO this is just an initial foray into jotting down some first content to see what I need to do to set this blog in motion and begin to make it mine, and maybe, in that ubiquitous “someday” it will become something shared and even open new doors I have yet to imagine!

Signing off for now as I go forth on this sunny day to other tasks.

About heinsight2010

Living into my legacy years in Northwestern Washington, gathering my memories and experiences into a coherent whole to make my mark in the world, I write, paint, walk, talk, share stories, dance and learn my way through the changes of life, while finding ways to contribute to sustainable community with as much love and compassion as I can.
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