Wave patterns

Wave patterns

This is the pattern left behind in the sand on Playa La Ropa in response to a local rock that the feathery pattern describes an arc around. It reminds me of the pathways of celestial bodies, the sun, the moon, and the tides that respond to their pull.

About heinsight2010

Living into my legacy years in Northwestern Washington, gathering my memories and experiences into a coherent whole to make my mark in the world, I write, paint, walk, talk, share stories, dance and learn my way through the changes of life, while finding ways to contribute to sustainable community with as much love and compassion as I can.
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8 Responses to Wave patterns

  1. heinsight2010 says:

    Additional thoughts, the pattern mimics that of the pulse of waves, breath, heart pumping blood that mirrors the mineral constituents of marine water.

  2. road2retire says:

    That’s a beautiful photo. Where is Playa La Ropa? I find that I am also pulled by the moon, the tide and the pulse of the waves. The beach and ocean always feel welcoming and comforting to me. I wonder if the sounds of waves reminds us of the time before we were born, being carried in the womb, as if returning home. Funny where a photo can take your thoughts.

  3. Thanks road2retire, Playa La Ropa is a beach at Zihuatanejo Mexico. Zihua is the location featured in “When a Man Loves a Woman” (early scenes actually shot at one of the fancy hotels at the end of this beach) and “Shawshank Redemption”, even though the actual scene at the end when Morgan Freeman’s character arrives looks nothing like Zihua and was actually filmed in the Bahamas. It was also one of Timothy Leary’s favorite spots and where my aunt went with him when they were engaged, before she broke it off.
    Yes, the mind does go amazing places!
    I love the direction your comments took. See my most recent post about the moon.

  4. Chelly Wood says:

    This is awesome! In the class that I taught at the PNWA conference, I talked about making your Gravatar/avatar a photo that people want to click on to learn more. This might be a good one. It definitely confuses me a little, makes me think twice. You should think about using it as your avatar.

  5. Chelly Wood says:

    It almost looks like an eye close up, like a whale’s eye or something.

  6. I didn’t know you taught a class in this! If I had I might have taken it! I do have the image on my business cards partly to get that second look and a conversation started. Plus I just really liked it!

  7. Thanks, Chelly, I missed that class. Will you be teaching again at the 2015 pnwa conference? I use this picture as my business card image, so it would make a great avatar/Gravatar for that reason as well.

  8. road2retire, I appreciate your comments. It is good to know this image moves someone else in similar ways to the way it moves me. Playa La Ropa is a beach at Zihuatanejo Mexico (new Ixtapa, between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta on the west coast. “Zihau” as it is called, is situated on a lovely crescent shaped bay that protests it from big waves (most of the time) and Playa La Ropa faces the western opening of the bay so it has great sunsets!

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