Contemplating wonder and awe and the fit with doom and gloom

Bringing congruity to otherwise disparate thematic focii is something my brain does smoothly with surprising regularity. However, I am also aware that when a blog is headlined as “keeping in touch with wonder and awe” a reader might expect something more uplifting than links to depressing news articles past and present and reminders of the catastrophes we are presently in the midst of experiencing.

In that regard, the opening of the tagline “keeping in touch” is the part of that brief phrase that indicates the challenge of experiencing wonder and awe when the world does seem to close in and the brightness dims.

I have been reading “My Stroke of Insight” by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. One of the most stunning aspects of her recovery is that even while she worked like the dickens to regain use of her left brain, she retained the fluidity and oneness perception of her right brain dominance that she acquired by virtue of the stroke. It is a fascinating peek into the realm of ALL of our brains’ potentials to access that understanding of one-ness and connection that anyone could learn.

In the midst of all the downer information we are inundated with daily, it is all the more important to intentionally and consciously bring to mind and awareness those opportunities for wonder and awe that are always available.



About heinsight2010

Living into my legacy years in Northwestern Washington, gathering my memories and experiences into a coherent whole to make my mark in the world, I write, paint, walk, talk, share stories, dance and learn my way through the changes of life, while finding ways to contribute to sustainable community with as much love and compassion as I can.
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