About heinsight2010

I am venturing into the phase of life I have waited for. Having left the world of going-to-a-job, and embarking on creating the life I of what-I-really-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up, I am sitting at the keys with that perennial blank page effect setting in. So THIS is what writer’s block feels like! Now that I have the chance to post something on a blog, what DO I want to say, who do I want to say something to? WHat do I really want to do with this one fragile brief life I have to live right now in this present moment. I want to be in touch with a sense of wonder and awe and hope to find something to inspire me frequently that maybe will also serve to inspire others to … something, GO OUTSIDE, Look, see, listen and run, feel the air on your skin, notice the fellow beings around you, inquire about their stories, tell yours. That’s it I guess. Finding out just what my story is and telling it, sharing it, joining the millennia around the center, the spark, the circle of stones, the flame, the trailing rising swirls of smoke, something that ignites a sense of awe, splendor, takes away my breath, and then reminds me to breathe again and feel totally alive to this moment.

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