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Living into my legacy years in Northwestern Washington, gathering my memories and experiences into a coherent whole to make my mark in the world, I write, paint, walk, talk, share stories, dance and learn my way through the changes of life, while finding ways to contribute to sustainable community with as much love and compassion as I can.

Is a safe life worth living if it means missing out on awe?

I love lightning. I love watching it and the excitement of the wind and temperature changes and rattle of hail and heavy rain that accompany dynamism of weather. I have especially learned to love lightning from the safety of observing … Continue reading

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Sea Stars

Starfish on the Toast, Starfish in the basement. Growing up, I called them Starfish. Now I know they are referred to as “sea stars” because they are NOT fish. Although any animal that comes from the sea and dies begins … Continue reading

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The light in Robin William’s eyes

Thinking about Robin Williams. If there was ever someone who embodied wonder and awe it was him. I have also been startled into homesickness several times since hearing of his death by glimpses of artists’ versions of the iconic mountain … Continue reading

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no water for drinking?

This quote leads me to go beyond my own personal boycott of Nestle’ and Arrowhead and put this out to the blogosphere with a plea. We must do everything we can to turn around the unraveling of the climate. Our world is such a … Continue reading

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Did you see the moon last night?

Wondering how many others who read this blog do turn away from their computer screens long enough to notice the moon. If you are reading this, please reply with a quick comment. When and where did you most recently see … Continue reading

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Footprint calculators can inform how we live and let live.

I found a post on the following list: kate ming-sun outdoors that includes a link to a “footprint calculator”. These are always fun, so I am sharing this one, as well as a much borrowed and rewritten post based … Continue reading

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Contemplating wonder and awe and the fit with doom and gloom

Bringing congruity to otherwise disparate thematic focii is something my brain does smoothly with surprising regularity. However, I am also aware that when a blog is headlined as “keeping in touch with wonder and awe” a reader might expect something … Continue reading

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