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Living into my legacy years in Northwestern Washington, gathering my memories and experiences into a coherent whole to make my mark in the world, I write, paint, walk, talk, share stories, dance and learn my way through the changes of life, while finding ways to contribute to sustainable community with as much love and compassion as I can.

Pay no attention to the men behind the screens

I share this not to point a finger at any one person, governing body or country in particular. If I randomly select any natural and/or human disaster I am sure a similar measure of behind the scenes manipulation, disguise and … Continue reading

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Concept of Climate and sustainability not “around” in the 70’s?

Taking wonder and awe and the magic of light in the natural world to its juncture with the global crisis of climate disruption, I meandered through the PBS archives today. Sparked by a blog posted in a list on the … Continue reading

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Back to that unsettled sleepless night and falling for houses

What is it that causes me to fall in love with … houses? Something about how the rooms flow from one to the other and are all tucked into a roughly rectangular container. Most anyway. There are the intriguing circular … Continue reading

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Off to see the Miro exhibit at SAM today. Have m’s on the mind and this playful “found still life” I did for a class. anyone want to try guessing the “mystery objects”?

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Change and complacency

Several weeks ago I was lying awake late at night, or early in the morning, depending on one’s perspective. I kept hoping that if I jotted some of my revolving thoughts down on a pad of paper my mind would … Continue reading

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heinsight2010 finally begins

Having had this idea of a site called “heinsight2010” for many years, even when “2010” the year was still in the distant future, that year having come and gone, I have had many ideas for what that site would hold … Continue reading

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befuddled beginning blogger

Okay, third time I have attempted to post something. Wrote witty, cogent, pithy comments thinking I would send them to immortality and … nothing. I don’t even know how to find my own blogs that I have posted, so once … Continue reading

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