Pay no attention to the men behind the screens

I share this not to point a finger at any one person, governing body or country in particular. If I randomly select any natural and/or human disaster I am sure a similar measure of behind the scenes manipulation, disguise and obstruction of information could be found. This is simply the one I happened to stumble upon today. It is more likely that situations such as this one are happening everywhere at every moment with increasing regularity the higher the stakes get:
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Waste Incineration
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Asahi Shimbun Japanese version reported that Yamada, the governor of Kyoto prefecture paid a secret visit to the small town of Kyotamba on March 28, in order to ask its mayor to accept incinerated radioactive waste and dispose of it, on the basis that the incinerator output would be better monitored there and that Kyotamba has 9 hectares of land as well as a river where to dump radioactive ashes. The mayor replied that he would think about the proposal positively, which is a way to acknowledge agreement provided that the brown envelope is fat enough.

Actual incineration would take place in undisclosed facilities in Kyoto prefecture, such as in Maizuru, Kyoto and Kameoka. Governor Yamada makes no secret about his plan to accept radioactive waste for incineration, but every move he makes towards its implementation is undemocratic and behind the scenes, a strategy also used by Goshi Hosono, the Minister of Environment who is pushing for nationwide spread of radioactive contamination. (Updated on 2012/04/10)


Consider that happened over two years and four months ago. Where might all that radioactivity be by now? 

Is the rain water in the barrels I use to water my vegetables carrying radioactive waste in lesser or greater quantity than the water from the city reservoirs that has been accumulating rainwater over the past several years? Is the filtering and purification process of the water I buy to drink able to remove radioactivity from the water? I don’t know. If I did, would there be anything I could effectively do about it? Probably not. 

All we can do is simply the best we can to hold the people in politics accountable to what we do know and try to live our lives as simply as possible, which means complicating each day with a myriad of decisions in our attempts to avoid the marketing efforts of those with the means to poison our minds. 

Question: What do you do to handle information such as this? How do you get through each day knowing that there is so much that impacts your daily life that you can do nothing about?

If you follow, read or “Like” this post, please leave a comment, either in response to the questions or any thought of your own. I want this to generate dialog. 

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Concept of Climate and sustainability not “around” in the 70’s?

Taking wonder and awe and the magic of light in the natural world to its juncture with the global crisis of climate disruption, I meandered through the PBS archives today. Sparked by a blog posted in a list on the WritersMarket web page that linked to a PBS Newshour report that included an updated climate zone map for farmers and gardeners. Having paid attention as a gardener to those multi-colored zone maps for years, studying them in miniature on the backs of seed packets as long as I can remember, I clicked on the link. “Page not found”. Well no wonder, the link is over two years old. No longer news.

I can’t remember ever hearing about that map being changed. Note to self to look into that. Meanwhile, scanning the PBS site for possible recent links I scroll past screen after screen of show clips under the “Science and Nature” topic. After a dozen various topics the “more” click leads to episode after episode of “sex in the wild”, “the ape who went to college” and “my wild affair” apparently about an elephant who was adopted by a human Mom.

Interesting, yes, however PBS seems as caught up in the national head in the sand attitude about climate as every other news organization. So I got more specific in my search, thinking either I am going to locate this article posted in what is billed as a “top weblog”, or, failing that, find something more recent relating to climate.

So far, having scrolled through a couple of dozen articles ranked by “Relevance”, I come up with nothing more recent than early 2013. So I switched to sorting by date. Now a bunch of articles that seem to have little to do with climate until I get down the page about “Risky Business Project quantifies climate change costs”. SO I guess someone at Wall Street is talking about the impact on investors and how to gamble on the climate.

In another article also a couple of years old,

Hurricanes and Climate Change


  • By John McQuaid
  • Posted 11.15.12
  • NOVA I find this shocking item: “Global sea levels have risen approximately 1.7 mm per year between 1950 and 2009, and at an accelerated pace of 3.3 mm from 1993 on. This is due to climatic changes.”

That is about as blunt as it gets. A nearly doubled rise in sea level over the last 20 years from an already measured rise in the preceding 40.

On to another tidbit that took my breath away, in an article titled

Debate Over on Climate Change, Says Chief UN Climate Negotiator

the current executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and who hails from a family with two former presidents of Costa Rica, Christiana Figueres responds to a question:

“Was environmental sustainability something that you remember discussing around the family dinner table at an early age?

“At the dinner table–no, because I don’t think the concept of sustainability was something that was around in the 1960s and ’70s. That came later.”

THE CONCEPT WASN’T AROUND, she THINKS??? I am outraged. The 60’s AND 70’s? Where was this head of UN Climate negotiations in the 60’s and 70’s that she was unaware of the impacts she would later be weighing in on for the WORLD. I try not to overdo the all caps, but this is the only way I know to express my shock at this statement. She was not at just any dinner table. Her family includes heads of state who one would think have a slightly more elevated sense of what is going on at a global scale than the average family back when families did still talk at dinner tables (but that is another topic entirely).

I was in college learning about sustainability and the dangers of a flow through economic model in the early to mid 70’s. I remember conversations at the dinner table in the 50’s and early 60’s about the need to protect tree canopy and garden organically. There was certainly discussion about the concepts of sustainability in the early 70’s sufficient to spark the nascent National Parks of Ecuador to promulgate rules they knew were needed to sustain the ecosystem of the remote Galapagos Islands. Yosemite National Park started its first road closure shuttle bus system in 1970. That didn’t come out of nowhere. Someone was talking the “concept” of sustainability in the 60’s to make that decision implemented in the first year of the 70’s. The first Earth Day was in 1970. The “Concept wasn’t around?”

I will leave this at that and if any readers have found their way to this page ask the question, When did you first become aware of the concept of sustainability? Was it before, during, or after the 1960’s and 70’s? How did you hear about it? Was it being discussed at your family dinner table?

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Back to that unsettled sleepless night and falling for houses

What is it that causes me to fall in love with … houses? Something about how the rooms flow from one to the other and are all tucked into a roughly rectangular container. Most anyway. There are the intriguing circular and spiral houses such as yurts and Arcosanti sandcast structures, Bucky Fuller domes and such. And then there are boats, curvilinear shapes nestled into the cradle of swells. Something of my wanderlust gets piqued when I begin to muse and ponder about alternatives to my current dwelling place.

That is when realtor(dot)com becomes the enemy of sleep. I can wile away countless hours well into the wee ones of morning pondering photos attempting to decipher the connections among them and how each looks out through which window viewed from front or back. Bing(dot)com maps add a whole new perspective as I can peek at each side as if I were Gulliver in Lilliput.

Rarely do I fall in love with any of these houses just as they are. Most often I become enraptured by their room for improvements and tweaks that would then make them “just right”, forever Goldilocks, ever searching for the one that will meet that challenge.

Perhaps it is just as well that I allow my fickleness to be played out on the internet, allowing my lurking that borders on stalking to be played out without any humans involved. I can inhabit many houses this way. I can hope that if I restrain my urges to uproot and follow through on my fantasies I may eventually settle, in all the truest senses of that word.

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Off to see the Miro exhibit at SAM today. Have m’s on the mind and this playful “found still life” I did for a class. anyone want to try guessing the “mystery objects”?

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Change and complacency

Several weeks ago I was lying awake late at night, or early in the morning, depending on one’s perspective. I kept hoping that if I jotted some of my revolving thoughts down on a pad of paper my mind would let me go back to sleep. However it did not. Over an hour passed with several thoughts cryptically jotted in the dark on the pad next to the bed, in the dark. They became buried by other pages of “essential stuff” jotted down over the ensuing weeks. Now, finally getting to clearing the desk of its piles of undone stuff, I came across that pad and the notes. They read as follows:


breeds somnambulance

uprooting – transplanting

heightens awareness of commonplace


a need to bring ourselves to the brink of the familiar edge –

the unknown.”

Scribbled in an overlay on the above:

“particles convening (or is it concerning?) trajectories impact”

Well, that was it, the great insights that kept me from sleeping. Make of them what you will. Maybe I will also.



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heinsight2010 finally begins

Having had this idea of a site called “heinsight2010” for many years, even when “2010” the year was still in the distant future, that year having come and gone, I have had many ideas for what that site would hold and I am finally inaugurating it in 2014! Venturing into the world of blogging, as I approach the writing of the book that has been in my head and building, at last, the artist’s studio I have envisioned for many years. Also planning to set forth on at least one “bucket list trip” this year and get to planning ahead for more. 

SO this is just an initial foray into jotting down some first content to see what I need to do to set this blog in motion and begin to make it mine, and maybe, in that ubiquitous “someday” it will become something shared and even open new doors I have yet to imagine!

Signing off for now as I go forth on this sunny day to other tasks.

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befuddled beginning blogger

Okay, third time I have attempted to post something. Wrote witty, cogent, pithy comments thinking I would send them to immortality and … nothing. I don’t even know how to find my own blogs that I have posted, so once I do I will try to write something more meaningful than this!

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